Johann Breitwieser Breitwieser-Schani

Schani online

There is not much to find on Schani Breitwieser in the WWW outside this website. Most of the time you will find online versions of classic print material or online articles. Which makes us all the more happy to point to this informative site, which is linked to a book but goes beyond it.

Austrian State Archive

Over many years, Wolfgang Maderthaner, General Director of the Austrian State Archive, has done research on Schani Breitwieser. He has published two books that have chapters on Schani and has also made very interesting material from the Archive available online.

His project 99 Dokumente (99 Documents) uses the internet to provide further and in-depth information based on his book Österreich. 99 Dokumente, Briefe und Urkunden. We, of course, recommend visiting Dokument 67. Der Eisenschlitzer.

The Podcast Posse

Wiener Blut

In their series Wiener Blut (Vienna Blood) The Podcast Posse covers several cases out of the local crime history. The individual podcasts are about an hour long.

Featured topic of Episode 41 is the life of Schani Breitwieser. Thus, his story is finally available to all those who prefer to have stories properly told to them. The podcast, though, is in German only.


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death TV station W24 published a video called Schani Breitwieser: „Der beste Einbrecher den wir hatten“. (The best burglar we ever had.)