Johann Breitwieser Breitwieser-Schani

The Project

The people behind the scenes.

Jakob Lediger

Jakob is a thorough and dedicated researcher who has fallen ill with Breitwieser disease :-) Without his work this website would not have been possible. He is part of the Syndikart project.

Tiberiju Nikolic

Mr. Siebdruckeria takes care of the artistic aspect of all Schani activities. He triggered renewed interest with his t-shirt series Outlaw Legends.

Michael Strasser

I am a network administrator in Vienna. Working on my family's history, I once again tried to learn a bit more about Schani Breitwieser, Grandpa's cousin. When I searched the internet (without very high hopes) I was suddenly offered a t-shirt with his portrait on it. I got in touch with the manufacturer and soon found myself among people that were interested in his life without being family.

Having seen some of the material they had collected so dedicatedly, I decided to contribute my means of communication and set up this website.