Johann Breitwieser Breitwieser-Schani


Past and future events that deal with Schani Breitwieser.

Present and Future

27/28 September 2024 - Die Legende vom Breitwieser Schani

Schani in Wördern

Due to the great success in May Musikspektakel „Die Legende vom Breitwieser Schani“ will return in September. Music Gilbert Handler, Libretto Peter Danzinger.



17 May 2024 - Die Legende vom Breitwieser Schani

Schani in Wördern

Opening HÖR.KUNST.FESTIVAL „Eing´steckt is!“ 2024 in St. Andrä-Wördern was the world premiere of Musikspektakel „Die Legende vom Breitwieser Schani“. Music composed by Gilbert Handler based on a libretto by Peter Danzinger.

Festival info

1 April 2019 - Candle for Schani

Schani Breitwieser's  grave

Half a dozen friends came to the Meidlinger Friedhof cemetery for the 100th anniversary of Schani's death and put down a wreath, flowers and a few candles. This was rounded off by topical discussions over a beer nearby.

31 March 2016 - 3 October 2016 - Johnny Breitwieser

The Schauspielhaus theatre in Graz showed the play Johnny Breitwieser - Eine Verbrecher-Ballade by Thomas Arzt in 2016. The music this time was by Maike Rosa Vogel.

28 November 2014 - 27 April 2015 - Johnny Breitwieser

Schauspielhaus Theatre in Vienna is staged Johnny Breitwieser - Eine Verbrecher-Ballade aus Wien. First night was on 28 November 2014.

3 Juni 2010 - Reading by Jakob Lediger

Outlaw Legend
Johann Schani Breitwieser - Einbrechergenius aus Wien

In its event series Buch im Beisl (Book in the pub) Club International had Jakob Lediger read from his Schani series published in Augustin.

17 October 2009 - tot oder lebendig

As part of its T-Shirt-collection project Outlaw Legends Siebdruckeria and Mimamusch offer a theatrical evening entitled tot oder lebendig (dead or alive). One of the four legends depicted is, of course, Schani. There is an info folder.