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News and Changes in 2020 and 2021

Here you can read up on the news and changes at in 2020 and 2021.

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A new Transcription

A report on Schani's accomplice escaping from prison.
8 December 2021

Three new Transcriptions

These newspaper reports are about Schani's accomplices and somebody using their names.
9 October 2021

A new Transcription

With this article from Wiener Zeitung all reports directly after Schani's arrest have been transcribed.
30 August 2021

Typos in the Newsfeed

This newsfeed had a few typos in its headlines. No more.
2 August 2021

Two new Transcriptions

Two articles on Schani's arrest and death from Wiener Allgemeine Zeitung.
30 July 2021

Two new Transcriptions

And yet again two articles on Schani's arrest and death.
3 June 2021

Page Online updated

The 2019 news video on Schani is now listed on our Online page.
13 May 2021

Two new Transcriptions

Again two articles on Schani's arrest and death.
29 March 2021

Two New Transcriptions

These articles again are about Schani's arrest on the first of April 1919.
21 February 2021

Downloads E-Book

The numbers for the downloads from 2020 show that the e-book by Hermman Kraszna on Schani has reached more than 2000 downloads. We would like to thank our readers!
3 January 2021


All news pages here on have been updated.
1 January 2021

Two New Transcriptions

This time we have two longer reports on Schani's arrest on 1 April 1919.
27 December 2020

Two New Transcriptions

Two small articles on from 23 January 1919.
8 December 2020

Schani Podcast in the Series Wiener Blut

The enthusiasts from The Podcast Posse have made a podcast on the life of Schani Breitwieser.
3 October 2020

New Transcriptions

This time we are filling the gap that was 5 April 1919.
30 August 2020

New Transcriptions

Two new transcriptions from 3 and 4 April 1919.
13 July 2020

Mail Form

We updated our mail form and the script behind it.
1 May 2020

New Transcription

This new transription is of an article about Schani's Villa in St. Andrä-Wördern. The original has some interesting photos.
13 April 2020


All pages on news here on have been updated.
5 January 2020