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News and Changes in 2016 and 2017

Here you can read up on the news and changes at in 2016 and 2017.

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A new transcription has been added. This time it is an article from Prague, 26 July 1918.
7 May 2017

New Transcription

An artikel from 20 July 1918 has been transcribed.
7 April 2017

Schani in HTML5

The entire website was switched to HTML5. These internal changes have no effect on the look of the pages.
18 June 2016

New Articles and Transcriptions

The liste of articles now also includes reports on the burglary into ammonition factory Hirtenberger Patronenfabrik on 18 January 1919. Two articles have already been transcribed.
14 April 2016

Play Johnny Breitwieser in Graz

31 March 2016 will be first night for the play Johnny Breitwieser - Eine Verbrecherballade by Thomas Arzt in the Schauspielhaus theatre in Graz.
20 March 2016

New Transcription

The newest entry covers 15 June 1918.
20 January 2016


The list of books now also contains the collections with Alfred Polgar's article on Schani Breitwieser.
8 January 2016

News and Headers

Page News was re-organised; at the same time the presentation of the headlines was optimized.
7 January 2016

New Articles in List

The list of newspaper articles now includes papers from 1919 and later.
6 January 2016

New Transcriptions

Our transcriptions make it into June 1918.
5 January 2016