Johann Breitwieser Breitwieser-Schani


Past and future events that deal with Schani Breitwieser.

Present and Future

ab 31. März 2016 - Johnny Breitwieser

The Schauspielhaus theatre in Graz will have the play Johnny Breitwieser - Eine Verbrecher-Ballade by Thomas Arzt from 31 March 2016. The music this time is by Maike Rosa Vogel.


28 November 2014 - 27 April 2015 - Johnny Breitwieser

Schauspielhaus Theatre in Vienna is staged Johnny Breitwieser - Eine Verbrecher-Ballade aus Wien. First night was on 28 November 2014.

3 Juni 2010 - Reading by Jakob Lediger

Outlaw Legend
Johann Schani Breitwieser - Einbrechergenius aus Wien

In its event series Buch im Beisl (Book in the pub) Club International had Jakob Lediger read from his Schani series published in Augustin.

17 October 2009 - tot oder lebendig

As part of its T-Shirt-collection project Outlaw Legends Siebdruckeria and Mimamusch offer a theatrical evening entitled tot oder lebendig (dead or alive). One of the four legends depicted is, of course, Schani. There is an info folder.